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Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park, San Mateo, Rizal

April 10, 2010

This resort is located in Upper Patiis, Brgy. Guinayang, San Mateo Rizal.  We used public transportation to get to this place.  From where we live, it is so easy to get to this resort.  We just took a jeepney bound for Maly, San Mateo and got off at Sea Oil gas station in Patiis, San Mateo.  Fare from Batasan Road (in front of the main gate of The House Of Representatives) to Patiis is 12 pesos.  Then we got on a tricycle (white colored tricycles) for Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park, fare is 60 pesos (special trip, one way or 12 pesos per head if you are willing to wait for other passengers to fill up all of the 5 seats).  We traversed a 2 kilometer dirt road going to the resort.  The ride was bumpy and dusty but it’s not something that you can’t handle.  It only took about 5 minutes for us to reach our destination.

The resort is next to another resort in the area called Villa Trinidad.  Upon entering the resort, go towards the left side of the parking lot to get to the cashier and pay the entrance fees and rentals for tables, huts or cottages.  The cashier will give you your tickets and receipt.  Entrance fee for adults for day swimming is 150 pesos each.  Then proceed to the other side of the parking lot opposite the cashier to surrender your tickets and let the security guard check your bags.  After which, you can ask to be escorted to your table or hut.  We decided to rent a table called “Steel Tent” for 300 pesos.  This is a table under a big tent covered with a huge mosquito net, which you would also share with three other groups, since it includes 4 long plastic tables with 6 monobloc chairs each.  The choice for this type of table with the mosquito net would come in really handy since we’ve observed that there are a lot of flies in this part of the resort (mostly where the tables and huts are) that would bother you while eating your lunch.

The place, overall is clean and well-maintained.  The bad side are just the flies that would bother you while you’re eating.  It’s a good thing that the resort added mosquito nets to their tents or huts to keep those flies away.

There are several grilling and washing places like this one in the photo that are also available for guests to use, free of charge.

There are a total of 4 pools, 2 adult and 2 kiddie swimming pools.  The water quality is fine and the pools in general are clean.  The lifeguards are also very vigilant.  The resort has 2 big slides available, one leads to a pool with 3 feet in depth and the other higher one to the adult pool on the other side.  There are also 2 kiddie slides available in the kiddie pool.  There are a lot of shower areas that guests can use as well.

Other great things about this resort are the playground, volleyball and basketball courts, billiards, karaoke rentals, mini trains, koi pond and it has its own canteen in case you need to buy extra sodas or food.

The photos above show some of the amenities of this family friendly resort.  Both adults and kids would definitely find a lot of things to get busy with while inside this place.  There are just simply a lot of things to do here aside from swimming.

Guests are allowed to bring their own food and drinks (except hard liquor), corkage fees apply.

Before leaving the resort, do not forget to try the slide monkey bar thing (I have no idea what it’s called) located at the playground.  As an adult, that would definitely bring back happy childhood memories and take out some of the stress from work.  Try it out!  Check this video and see how fun it is.

Going home, you’ll just have to get on the same white colored tricycles parked outside the resort back to the main highway (fare is still 60 pesos, special trip or 12 pesos per head if you decide to wait for all 5 passengers to fill up the tricycle).  The driver will drop you off at Sea Oil gas station.  This is San Mateo’s main highway.  Just get on any vehicle, a jeepney, bus or FX bound for Cubao via Marikina and Aurora Boulevard or Ever Commonwealth and Philcoa via Batasan Road and Commonwealth Avenue.

We had a great time in this resort and is definitely budget friendly.  It’s location is very accessible, both for commuters and for those who would be bringing their own vehicles (there is ample space for parking at the entrance of the resort).

For more information about Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park, please visit their website at